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Beethoven Virus

Thursday, 21 May 2009 at 01:00

  • Alternative Title: 베토벤 바이러스
  • Genre: Romance
  • Film Date: September, 2008
  • Total Episodes: 19
  • Korea Casts:
    Jang Geun Suk, Kim Myeong-Min, Lee Ji Ah
  • Description:

    Kang Gun Woo is an orchestra conductor in his 40's. He is an elite workaholic conductor who has a very bad reputation. He is known as someone who will do absolutely anything in order to create the very best music. However, due to his self-righteous and stubborn personality he thinks that only his thoughts are correct which makes him unable to form good relationships with those around him. He meets Du Ru Mi, a violinist, and a trumpet player who has the same name as him, and together they form a love triangle.

Taken and watched from Mysoju


Lately, i've been watching this korean drama : Beethoven Virus at Mysoju. I usually found and watch drama (japan, korea, or even taiwan) from Mysoju :D.

It's not all about love, it's not all about classical music, more conflict, more tension. It's good, and worthed to watch. Even thou i haven't finished watching it. I currently still on eps 13 (6 more to go).

Actually, i want to tell about the detail, but then.. it'll be spoiled, and won't be fun anymore for you to watch :p (no, of course i'm not that lazy to do some review). I'll post again after i watch it 'till the end.

So, guys and girls.. Happy watching :D


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