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Fun With Clay

Thursday, 7 May 2009 at 05:53

Those are my 1st attempt "playing" with Fimo Classic : Polymer clay.

I put too much baby oil, and the dough happen to be very very oily and can't be stiff anymore. But, well it was fun!

Those are actually a token wannabe for my final assignment project. I still confused to paint them with silver (because Monopoly token is usually made from metal). The tokens are octopus, captain hat, surfboard, coconout tree, starfish and life preserver.


  1. Oridusartic Says:

    I heart the octopus, captain hat, and the starfish. ^^ Great shapes!

    The surfboard is a bit weird, I thought it was a knife or one long stone.. hahaha =D

  2. intan Says:

    octopus nya lucu... pengen liat.. heehee. :)

  3. Leen Says:

    lucuuu banget puuuttt......

    mau dong diajarin.....

    setuju sama yg lain. The Octopus is really is something. hehehe.... TENTAKELnya itu lohh!!!!! :D


  4. Pu3W1tCh Says:

    Yay! :D boleh2, yuk mainan clay bersama samaa.. seruu uu..

    Thanks all :D Hohoho..

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