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New Haircut

Saturday, 9 May 2009 at 05:28
As i've said at my Twitter,

"Finding hair stylist that's perfect for me is as hard as finding special someone.."

Oh Mr."ki joko bodo" from Letisia Gianti's salon at Taman Palem! Where are youu? T_T

Yesterday i've cut my hair at Chandra Gutpa's @ Pluit Village. My sister and my friend reffer me to Yulia. They've testied that Yulia is very great hair stylist, they loved her work. And, since there are so many testimonial, i decided to try it. I've found it quite expensive 150k idr, but well.. i wont know if i didn't try it right?

Well, i wont said my haircut that i've got is bad. It's just, didn't really pleased me. Maybe because i've still expecting my old haircut (since i've gave her my picture with my old haircut that i really loved it). And, you know.. i asked less, i just told her it's up to her, because i really don't have any special image what kind of haircut model that i want.

Well, let's hope that the hair cut grows nice, and.. i think i'm gonna asked my sister to cut my bangs again, because it's still too long.


  1. intan Says:

    uda potong ya pu3?? pengen liat.. hohoho

    pasti cepet panjang kok.. ^^

  2. Pu3W1tCh Says:

    Haha, uda ntan.. Tapi jadi berkesan berantakan. Ugh.. T_T

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