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Reverse : esreveR

Sunday, 24 May 2009 at 13:48
I think my world is totally in reverse mode. Sleep at 5am, wake at 2pm..
Great. Really great.

But, this is not happen to me alone. Nope, nope.

I found out that my friend also got this symptom. Half way to the madness thing. Let's start the count down dear fella..

2 weeks from now. The total hectic will begin.

Now? Now is half way.. half way.. but already drive us insane, make us feel some nightmare, even thou we haven't sleep.

Let's survive together!


Like Mr. Obama said..


1 Responses to Reverse : esreveR

  1. Leen Says:

    kakakakaka..... sabar.... sabar.... it's gonna over soon.... hahahaha.....

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