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Sister's Bday Cake

Saturday, 16 May 2009 at 13:18

Today is my sister's bday. She's officially 19 now. Her bf brought this delicious cake from Secret Recipe at the very middle of the night. It supposed to be surprised gift for her, but i think she's already know it. It's always the same every year (it had been the same for the past 2 years). I think i should give her bf an advice to change how he should give her surprised gift. :p

The yum yum cake.. Love it! :D Hmm, i wonder.. when someone will bring this delicate cake for me as bday present? :p Hahaha.. let's hope Pu3, let's hope..

This is my first slice of cake that she gave to me (oh yea, she have to give me some slice, because i'm helping her taken the very good memory from camera :P ). In the end, i got 2 slices of cake. Yippiee yummm..

Oh, i'll get some slice tommorow too.. :p

*rolls on the bed*

1 Responses to Sister's Bday Cake

  1. stvn Says:

    hmm kyknya bsk bole nih maen2 k rmh lu put hihihi

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