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Daisuki Nina! ( I like Nina, a lotttt!)

Sunday, 7 June 2009 at 23:54
I found it from Kaskus forum, someone posted this video from youtube. Video blog about cute little adorable japannesse girl named Nina. :) Actually, her daddy is the one that put this video blog to youtube, since he lived away from his family (he's American, but he stayed in Japan with his Japanesse wife, and his daughter).

And.. i can't stop watching Nina, she's very very adorable and atrractive. Never stop smiling while watching her video. XD. Oh, and if i'm not wrong.. she's almost 3 right now.

1 Responses to Daisuki Nina! ( I like Nina, a lotttt!)

  1. Gi Jin Says:

    uoooooo uooooooo ninaaaaaaa!!! ayo temenan ama auntie dipi hahaha

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