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Ancol @August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 at 11:55


  1. stvn Says:

    waww.. nice tone color put.. love it yg layang2nya hehehe..

  2. intan Says:

    bagus2 semua pu3..

  3. Annejo Says:

    wow...sometimes the same place can have different spot from different angles...

    hobby foto2 yaaa??

  4. Pu3W1tCh Says:

    Stvn : Yoosshh.. pengen banget g tuh layang2, Huhuhu.. Lucu gila warnanya XD

    Intan : makasiiihhh :)

    Annejo : Yupp, betull, Iyaaa.. Hihi. Masih blajar juga foto2nya, ;3

  5. sararocks Says:

    what a beautiful photographs! :D

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