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Decorate The Room!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009 at 11:09
I dare you to re-decorate your room! :p

I came up with this idea after having a fun and inspiring chat with Anast & Intan. Actually, it's their dream to decorate their room and do some doodles and drawing in the wall (known as Mural painting AFAIK).

And after that, i try to find my pencil colour and acrylic paint and start doodling. First idea that came up in my mind, is write some inspiring song lyrics in my room. I stumble over in front of closet mirror, and this Christina Aguilera's song suddenly popped up in my mind.

"You are beautiful, no matter what the say.. words won't bring you down.."

I love that song, and yes.. i love the lyric and it's meaning. Sooo.. i start drew a little hand mirror with cute smiley on it, and wrote the lyric. I used pencil colour with soft pastel (And after that i found that it's a bigggg mistake to draw with soft pastel on the wall, because the colour won't stick to the wall) T_T

My purpose that everytime i look in the mirror, i saw that lyric and make me think more positively. Yes! I am beautiful! i am! i am! hohohohoho.. *narcist mode on*

And the next morning (well.. afternoon for real :p ), i still curious to draw on the wall using acrylic paint.. So, i did it again. I took my sister acrylic, and do another doodle. But, i do sketch it with pencil before i painted it.

I don't know why, but i just realize that i often drew this scene. Someone sitting under the tree in a green hill, with headphones and listening to music. Well, not always with the tree and hill, but i quite often drew someone sitting alone with that situation. Hmmm.. i wonder, why?

Oh oh! Actually i already did some doodle at my window, well.. it isn't really window afterall, my dad covered it with black linen since using curtain isn't very effective :p. And i drew and put stickers onto those blank black linen. Well, it isn't blank anymore, but still need more fun to add.

I make a plan that i'll ask my friend to write anything or draw anything at that black linen window. So, friends! come on! Came to my house, will ya! :D

Oh and when doing this fun, i get energy boost from my guilty pleasures..
which is Campina Heart Ice Cream

And Smax Rice Stick Chicken Flafour
Ummm umm! Yumm!

Oh oh! Wait! This decorating room project isn't finished yet still lot more will come! :D
Wait and see, will ya??



  1. Angie Says:

    I love it Pu3! It's real pretty!

  2. intan Says:

    ditunggu hasilnya ya pu3 :) bis itu g tunggu di rumah g ya.. buat bantuin g dekor kamar g.. ahahahha

    btw, g suka ma illustrasi yang ce duduk di bawah pohon.. so you... :)

  3. Annejo Says:

    I can't decorate my room now, cos my landlord will be freaking out when she found out about that.

    oh I like the "You're beautiful no matter what the say!!" hehhehehe...

    btw... monash is really nice place to study... you can meet friends from other countries as well, to be honest I dun really care about the course, good study atmosphere and metting people is the most important part!!! heheheheh

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